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Fighting wine ignorance one person at a time.'s "Wine U" is your educational resource for understanding wine.


The WineU section aims to help wine consumers become more informed consumers.

Many find wine intimidating. Some, in an effoprt to demystify wine, distill the fundamentals into easy bits and bites. However, this often leads down the path of oversimplification. Simplified explanations of any subject lead to limited and, at times, erroneous understanding. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to mastering some subjects. Certainly, we would not want our tax attorney or surgeon to have a flashcard understanding of their area of expertise.

Before an expert becomes an expert, they are as uninformed about their subject of study as the average lay person. We all want bottom-line, cut-to-the-chase, simple to understand explanations. At, we strive to offer explanations of elements of the world of wine in easily understandable language without simplifying to the point of error.

Because a new subject can still be overwhelming, the best way to assimilate the information is to start simple and build on what one has learned. This way, one can attain sophisticated levels of understanding in a way that is comfortable and is reflective of the natural evolution of knowledge.

WineU consists of several sections: there are basic resources, learning modules and articles exploring wine in a fun and interesting way. These are linked on the right.

"Key Resources" include glossaries of wine terms and win grape varieties. The latter emphasizes those varieties cultivated in the Central Coast. The index of wine growing regions emphasizes the appellations in the Central Coast.

"Learning Modules" are focused on various  topics. Each is designed to build understanding of a very particular area of the world of wine.

"Fun Topics" include our monthly wine tips as well as various feature articles that are also instructive about wine and the culture of wine.

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