Blogging. It’s not rants and rambling anymore.

April 21st, 2009

Tesla Tower.

Tesla Tower.

Subjects in the world of wine are not charged with any urgency or greater social import. Perhaps for that reason, the vast majority of people in the industry are rarely in any hurry to get a wine article published as soon as possible. Much of that may be rooted in the fact that wine writing and reporting has been largely limited to the weekend section of the local paper or a printed periodical focused on wine.

On-line publication platforms, on the other hand, can offer much greater immediacy. The turn-around times on stories and post are very short. This makes them the antithesis of static print. Yes they can be direct, raw and even frenetic.

This greater immediacy of Internet publication, however, makes blogs flexible and nimble publication platforms. They are able to go live with content almost instantly. It’s like news radio or news TV – it’s always on and it’s always ready to deliver developing content.

This is the reality of Internet Publishing and those responding to Internet based writers or reporters need to realize that even though they are typing their communication, they are dealing with a “live” medium. So I think that this should be kept in mind by those being approached by bloggers or writers publishing on-line regarding potentially “hot” topics.

Those established media venues using blogs as on-line columns to supplement print content and generate additional revenue need to look beyond these gains. Certainly, this way of communicating allows for engaging readership more closely. Beyond that, it is the fastest way for these publications to get content and information to their readers – sans paper, ink and delivery trucks.

The utility of this kind of technology in the context of the ever-increasing pace of the business of wine may be just what the doctor ordered.


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