Please, stand by

May 4th, 2009

Test pattern.

Test pattern.

Having injured my knee over the weekend, I will not be posting for a week or maybe more.

In the interim, I recommend the daily round up of blog postings.

Today, a few interesting pieces worthy of your attention can be found here: – A commentary on the attempted division of the Paso Robles AVA into West and East portions. – Speaking of Paso Robles, this is an interesting piece on Ancient Peaks Winery and Santa Margarita Ranch. – During med school I got by on canned meat hash that probably was closer to the dog food than the pate. It went great with a lager. So much of canned pet food advertizing is geared towards the pet owner that it makes sense that the producers would want to make the stuff somehow appealing to the people who buy it. When you remember how many retirees subsit on canned pet food, it stands to reason the stuff is not all that bad.


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One Response to “Please, stand by”

  1. Dylan Says:

    A knee injury is a serious thing. Although I’m curious of the events leading to it, I’ll refrain from prying. Rather, I wish you a speedy recovery. Remember to elevate and ice.