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Pneumonia’s Last Syrah

Friday, November 5th, 2010


Fermenting Montepulciano must. Photo: Arthur Z Przebinda

Fermenting Montepulciano must. Photo: Arthur Z Przebinda

This year, I will be making two small batches of wine as practice for making wine from my own home vineyard. My first lot, 13.5 gallons of Suisun Valley Montepulciano is already fermenting and should make for about 10 gallons of finished wine.

This weekend I will purchase some Syrah from the Santa Ynez Valley. I will not be able to drink all the wine I make, so I’d like to put it to good use. (more…)

I’ll be right back

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


"The world's oldest metaphor"

"The world's oldest metaphor"

Today, around 2 pm, I should be going under anesthesia. (It is no small tribute to H.M.O.s that only five months after injuring my knee, I will be undergoing surgery to repair it). While my consciousness is dissolved into oblivion (for what will, hopefully, be a very short time), I offer some wine similes for your amusement.

I don’t like analogies, similes and metaphors. To me, using them is like peppering every sentence with “like” and “you know” (yes, I know this is a simile). There are precise and articulate ways of conveying ideas with language. I see it as intellectual laziness when specific, concrete words are bypassed in favor of an attempt to invoke some symbolic imagery. Never mind that most similes and metaphors tend to be trite and jaded. (more…)

Palate Press, The Online Wine Magazine

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009


Palate Press, The Online Wine Magiazine.

Palate Press.

Fifteen months ago, I wrote that bloggers should consolidate to increase their exposure and potential for revenue. A few months ago, I became involved in Palate Press, The Online Wine Magazine. In many ways, this project fulfills the vision I had.

Spearheaded by Publisher David Honig, with W.R. Tish as Executive Editor, Palate Press seeks to raise the bar for online wine writing. See here for a list of editors and contributors. (more…)

“Riesling Rules” rules!

Monday, January 12th, 2009


"Riesling Rules"

"Riesling Rules"

The folks at Pacific Rim have created a fantastic resource for Riesling lovers and novices alike. In 37 pages “Riesling Rules” compiles a good mix of the grape’s background, history, global context and a dash of interesting and useful minutia.

Well-written, well-organized and informative, this booklet compiles the kind of information for which you would have to spend a few hours searching the web – if you didn’t own The Wine Bible or The Oxford Companion to Wine. The price is nice, too. Pacific Rim is sending out free copies of the second edition to those who request it. (more…)

Revelations; 01:06:09

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


1976 Defil.

1976 Defil.

Some time ago, Oregon winemaker Jerry D. Murray said some nice things about me as part of one of those memes that require one to pass on the favor. It’s actually been a bit longer than I’m normally comfortable with. It has been difficult to put together something of substance because I am generally not very forthcoming about myself.

Finally, over the holidays, I was able to give this meme some thought. If the web, and blogging in particular, are to be more personal and the interaction is to be more conversational, then it makes sense that I should expose more of what I am about to those that read this blog and So, here are six things that most people may not (but conceivably might want to) know about me. I also recommend six sites that reflect what I value and enjoy. (more…)

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


My plans for this New Year’s Eve were spoiled by a nasty flu. Bummer. We’d planned to head up to the Sta. Rita Hills and ring in 2009 at Clos Pepe Vineyard. The severity of this flu precludes this outdoor celebration – in projected 47 degrees. Instead, I’ll be at home, under a blanket, watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin make sniping comments about celebrities. (more…)

Win four bottles of ’06 Clos Pepe Vineyard pinot noirs

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008


Manu for Hope

Menu for Hope

Wine lovers generally live quite well. Even budget winos frequently enjoy culinary pleasures. That cannot be said of many people around the world. That is why the Fifth Annual Menu for Hope is a terrific opportunity to indulge our epicurean tendencies while benefiting those less fortunate. It is essentially a raffle which raises incredible amounts of money.

This philanthropic effort on the part of wine bloggers and wine writers has again chosen to raise funds for the UN World Food Programme – the world’s largest food aid agency. Last year, Menu for Hope raised over $90,000 for the WFP. For the second year in a row, funds raised will benefit people like school children in Lesotho, a land-locked country in Africa. (more…)